Product Overview

PagePlanner is publishing made easy. Designed to help editorial and design teams produce quality content more effectively, it is simply the best of page layout, design, word processing, task management, file sharing, and collaboration – all in one.

With a dynamic flatplanning tool, an intuitive text editor, and fully-integrated two way synchronisation with Adobe InDesign you can easily produce quality content and keep costs down. Both designers and non-designers collaborate in parallel in PagePlanner to produce better content. We’ve also built in a host of added bonuses to support your broader goals, from planning through to printing and delivery on the web, tablet or other digital devices.

Create content with total control

Create content with total control

  • plan each step of production and manage deadlines for one or multiple publications simultaneously

  • create content once and use it in multiple channels

  • envision the entire layout right from the first page

  • assign tasks and track progress

  • see your publication develop in real-time

  • identify places where content is missing so you can follow up

Insert text with style and ease

  • place text directly into layouts with accuracy

  • write as easily as in Word

  • gain control of versions and document sharing

  • fill in predefined fields for headings, subheadings, picture text or other elements helping ensure that all text is available for every channel

  • get immediate feedback on copy length to shorten the editing cycle

  • preview your work in every channel for greater accuracy

Insert text with style and ease
Design great layouts

Design great layouts

  • save time and keep everyone updated on changes using PagePlanner’s unique flatplanning tool

  • create great layouts with drag and drop simplicity

  • use templates and reduce costly manual processes

  • easily change, reuse or modify layouts and templates at any time with virtually no limitation.

  • make changes on-the-fly with Adobe InDesign or Adobe Photoshop

Publish to your channel of choice

  • save your publication asa PDF, XML or HTML file or another user-specified format

  • select the right channel for the content whether it is web, tablet, phone or print

  • instantly see how content will be displayed in different channels

  • send publications to print with dramatic time savings

Publish to your channel of choice

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